Teaching hours- Saturday's 8am-5pm

                              Sunday's 8am- 5pm

What to expect in a lesson:


In order for you to get the most from a lesson we need to know a little bit of why you've come. Lessons are all about you and how I can help you fulfill your needs.


Body Mapping

It is essential to have some working knowledge of your Anatomy and Physiology. We will be learning to 'map' your major joints and muscles in our lessons because once you know more about yourself in this way you will move with more ease.


Hands on orientated activity

During lessons I will need to use my hands to help guide your head, arms, legs and back into co-ordination, making necessary adjustments to engage the anti-gravity process. The learning in AT occurs directly through your experiences of better co-ordination. The role of the teacher is to give you these hands-on experiences.


AT Principles

The Alexander Technique is very unique because we learn about the 'AT process' or principles that F.M Alexander discovered way back in the 1930's. We will be integrating the principles into your lesson in a way that is suited to you. In summary the AT principles are; Inhibition and direction, use affects functioning, psycho-physical unity of the organism, primary control, non-end gaining, unified field of attention.



Sometimes I like to teach people some of the traditional procedures that AT teachers have been teaching since F.M, Alexander developed his technique. Such procedures include; The whispered Ah, Hands on the back of chair, position of mechanical advantage and Lunging. All guaranteed to give you a deeper understanding of your body mechanics and habitual patterns of use.


Table work

Most people enjoy a good table turn! I like to finish a lesson by lying you on a massage table and facilitate more whole body integration in the semi-supine position. This position is great place to start to practice at home as you can get the most amount of pain relief from it.


I’ve found him to be a sensitive and empathic teacher, genuinely interested in connecting with and helping his students. He has a really good capacity in a range of teaching areas, including a keen understanding of the principles of the Alexander Technique and clear communication thereof. I’m impressed with his facility with guiding students into more coordinated patterns of movement in performing any task through the use of both verbal and hands-on instruction. I’ve long been inspired by Daves authenticity and deep commitment to his own self-development, as well as the development of his teaching skills. He certainly practices what he preaches. ” -Dave. C, Guitar and Banjo teacher.

I have gotten a lot of benefits and enjoyment from my lessons with Dave.  Apart from him being a model of beautiful poise in his own movements, he has a manner which immediately puts you at ease in a lesson and through the use of his hands he manages to guide you through a movement or activity with such a sense of effortlessness!  He is wonderfully ‘present’ with you during a lesson, you get that he is teaching you with the highest intention to assist you with whatever you want to work on. I’d super recommend him as an Alexander teacher! 

- Shilo. O, Business Manager