Myself and The Alexander Technique


I am an Alexander Technique teacher and have a practice in the Blue Mountains, NSW. I have certification from the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique, AuSTAT.

Most of my AT training was undertaken at the Sydney Alexander Technique training school at St Leonards, North Sydney. Throughout my 5 years of teacher training I am  privileged to have been taught by an extensive group of experienced local and international teachers including Greg Holdaway, Anne Finlay, Michael Shellshear, Al Capel, Caren Bayer, Pedro De Alcantara, Penelope Carr, Greg Ford, Cathy Madden, Lucia Walker, David Moore, Bob Britton, Helen Thompson, Rosemary Lambeth, Dave Carr and Gal Moore.

I started studying AT because of disabling upper back pain coming from a lifting injury. I was having a lot of trouble with daily activities like, walking, sitting for long periods, standing, driving, washing up, well basically most things. 


After my first series of lessons it was clear that AT was something that was going to work for me. It just clicked for me, partly because of how incredibly great my back felt but also because it is an intelligent approach to pain alleviation.

I offer individual classes on Saturdays only.

Myself and Ortho-Bionomy

In January 2018 i started to undergo Ortho-Bionomy training in Sydney. Primarily i have been taught by Bruce Stark and Clive Salzer.

I am registered as a PIT- Practitioner in Training, and am going through the steps to become a qualified OB practitioner.

Ortho-Bionomy blends supremely well with Alexander Technique. So much so, that i think a hybrid of the two modalities was destined to happen. This is my plan.

I became interested in OB because it gives a deep, practical hands-on understanding of the human body anatomical structure and patterns of use. To me, OB gives a form to follow as to how to help someone release that long term pain and tightness. It just works.